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5Si, 8000 Maintenance Kit M401n M401dw M425dn Maintenance Kit 806, 830 Maintenance Kit
2410, 2420, 2430 Maintenance Kit P3015, P3010 Maintenance Kit 4000 Maintenance Kit
4200 Maintenance Kit 4100 Maintenance Kit 4250, 4350, 4240 Maintenance Kit
P4014, P4015, P4515 Maintenance Kit 4600 Maintenance Kit 4650, 4610 Maintenance Kit
4700, 4730, CP4005 Maintenance Kit 5200, 5025, 5035 Maintenance Kit 5550 (Only) Maintenance Kit
8100, 8150 Maintenance Kit 9000, 9040, 9050, M9059 Maint Kit M3027, M3035, P3005 Maintenance Kit
M601, M602, M603, Maintenance Kit

HP and Lexmark Maintenance kits come with a fuser assembly, transfer roller, paper pickup roller, feed separation rollers, and pre-paid core return label for required exchange. Free installation instructions and technical assistance are available for our customers. Printer parts ship the same day.

The laser printer fuser assembly is one of the most common laser printer parts to fail and in most cases can be replaced by following simple instructions available to our customers. Typical signs of fuser failure if your printer does not display an error code can include: increasing frequency of paper jams and misfeeds, toner smudges and smears beginning to appear on the back of the printed pages, and sometimes visable damage to the fuser roller. Over time paper and toner dust accumulates on the fuser thermostats and causes abrasion of the fuser heating roller film sleeve. When the printer fuser fails it prompts many HP laser printers to display an ERROR CODE 50 service code. ImagingSupplies.com stocks a wide selection of HP fusers and HP maintenance kits.

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